June 13, 2011

Here is the beginning...again.

So here I am in a house with no wife, no kids, with “The Bachelorette” on TV thinking, there has to be something better to spend my time doing. Yes I said the Bachelorette, mostly because I think my wife is watching it while she is off visiting family and it make me feel closer to her while she is gone and will give me something to talk about during our 4th conversation of the day right before bed. I sitting here thinking about how bored I am and what I could be doing or should be doing. It reminds me of when I started to run.
I am in the US Navy and I was attached to a submarine that was in the shipyards in Portsmouth, Va. Not the worst, except for the fact that my family was still in southeast Ga. My wife has been gone for 5 days now and I am ready to go for a run again for the second time today. All this quietness is driving me batty. That is why spending 10 months in Virginia without my family turned me into the runner I am today.
Well, I can’t go running again, so I’ll just write a little bit of a blog. Two weeks ago, I started running in the heat of the day (as close to it as I can run due to work). I am trying to build my tolerance for heat. I wanted to run at a fast pace all the time, but I’m not sure that is the best way to do it. If you follow me on Dailymile, you would have seen my first 10 days of RITO (Running in the Oven) and the results of it.
My biggest drawback is why. Why would anyone want to read my blog when there are so many out there that are established or written by people who know what they are talking about. I’m just a normal guy trying to put down some stuff that is going on in my life, and trust me; there are a lot of hats around here. So anyway, this is my introduction and there is going to be more to come.

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